Quick Fix 6.1synthetic urine  watermarkedAbout Quick Fix Urine

If you have an approaching drug test, yet have smoked marijuana recently, your urine will definitely test positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the “high” feeling. Being an illegal substance to grow, sell, or use in the United States, marijuana THC will cause you to fail your drug test, and miss out on vital employment, athletic, academic, and political opportunities. Luckily for you, there’s the new Quick Fix Urine, pre-mixed synthetic urine that can be used in place of your own!

Quick Fix Urine is precisely pre-made in a laboratory, and contains all the ingredients that are found in human urine such as creatinine, and is balanced for specific gravity and ph level. The urine tested must be correct body temperature in order to receive a passing score, so the Quick Fix Urine package includes a heating pad and temperature strip! The synthetic urine is simple to use, just microwave it for ten seconds or less until it is between ninety and one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, then use the heating pad to keep it warm for up to eight hours! The Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in a two-ounce portion, as specified by the DOT guidelines. You may also get the Quick Fix Plus, which is available in a three-ounce portion, to be safe in case if some spills.

Quick Fix Urine Reviews

Since there may be a big opportunity riding on your passing the drug test, you should definitely research reviews of any product you decide to go with, including the Quick Fix Urine. Quick Fix Urine is backed with a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee. If it didn’t work, how would we be able to stay in business?

While checking out the reviews for this product, you will find that if used correctly, it works, time after time. According to Quick Fix Urine reviews, the product is easy to use, and not difficult to conceal during the test. Reviews from both males and females report passing scores. Many writers of the reviews claim they would use this product again for future drug tests, or recommend it to a friend. Even 420 Magazine, a credible source of information on marijuana-related issues, has a forum reviewing Quick Fix Urine. Members of the site who reviewed the product all claimed that it worked for them, so it will definitely work for you too!