How to Pass a Piss Test

At sometime in your life, even if you have never touched marijuana, you may be subjected to a piss test. Common reasons for requiring a piss test are for employment, school, post-incidental, and sports. If you have to take a piss test in your near future, and you have not used marijuana recently, or ever, then you are already in the clear. However, if you are scared that the piss test will reveal your recent use of marijuana, do not worry, read on to find out how to pass a piss test.

What should you expect? How should you prepare to pass your piss test? First of all, you will need to go to the testing facility prepared. Find out when your testing date is, and prepare prior to the test. Many people use detoxification products as a means of how to pass a piss test. If you are going to use detoxification products that take up to a week to take effect, make sure you order the products in enough time to fully cleanse your system. If a week is too long for you to abstain, find products that work in one hour, and leave a “window” of time during which your system will test clean. This is due to special “masking” ingredients that temporarily hide drug metabolites in your system. Another option of how to pass a piss test is to simply get your hands on some synthetic urine. These products are carefully pre-mixed in a laboratory, and contain features that are the same as natural urine, such as specific gravity level and ph balance. With synthetic urine, you could even walk into your testing facility high, and only you would know.

Although these are all successful methods of how to pass a piss test, there are still precautions that you must take in order to guarantee your passing score. First of all, if you are going to use your own urine, you may want to get your hands on a self-testing kit so you can take a “practice test” at home to ensure that your urine is free of toxins. Also, if you are using fake urine, be sure that the specimen that you turn in is the correct body temperature. Most packages include a temperature strip; you will be able to use your body warmth to heat the specimen to the correct temperature. Beware that testing facilities have caught on to modern ways of how to pass a piss test, so they have implemented ways to thwart your success. For instance, many make you change into a very revealing and space-limited hospital gown so that you cannot bring anything into the bathroom with you. Some tint the toilet water or don’t have a sink so you cannot dilute your piss. Try to find out as much information as you can about the test beforehand, so you confidently know how to pass a piss test prior to walking in the test center.