Ever since lab tests came about, people have been trying to find ways to beat them. The measures that they will go is oftentimes astounding. People have tried everything from taking pills, formulas and even using other people’s urine in order to pass urine tests with varying degrees of success. No matter what the method people have used, urine test companies have always found a way to find them out and make their tests fool proof, until now. Synthetic urine is a method that has been developed in order for people to be able to use a real product that is able to beat any kind of test, 100 percent of the time.
The next logical question is: Can labs detect fake pee? The good news is that synthetic urine is totally undetectable by labs and can be used to beat any nicotine test that uses urine analysis as the primary means of testing. No matter what the reason you are taking the urine test, chances are that the consequences of not passing are pretty bad. Whether it means not getting the job that you are applying for, losing the job that you already have or even worse, violating your probation and going to jail, taking a chance with a method that is not guaranteed is simply not worth it. If its the price of synthetic urine that you are worried about you can rest assured that any of the above three mentioned options will cost you much, much more in the long than a kit of synthetic urine.
Synthetic urine has many advantages; firstly, it does not need to be refrigerated and it can be heated multiple times without affecting its potency. Good synthetic urine contains all the ingredients and characteristics of human urine. This makes it undetectable when a laboratory tests it. Both males and females can use it, and it contains the natural balance found in urine including pH, creatinine, specific gravity, etc. Synthetic urine doesn’t contain any toxins or bacteria, it is completely hygienic. Typically, when one has to complete a urine analysis, you have to complete a couple of forms, then head off to the bathroom to submit your sample.
For best results when using fake urine, you should heat the fake pee up in the microwave about 30 minutes before going to take your drug test and then apply the heating pad that comes with your kit. This heating pad will heat your sample up to the appropriate body temperature for urine to ensure a smooth process when the technicians are examining your urine specimen. Urine tests used to be basic, but nowadays each test gets more complex and extensive until finally, urine tests now have the ability to test for dilution and masking agents. Synthetic urine is the perfect solution to drug test/urine sample that follows the standard procedures currently.